Knee Care

Knee problems are quite common and have many causes, including injury from an ACL or meniscus tear, fractures or bursitis. Knee pain may also be caused by arthritis or other conditions. Our orthopedic surgeons have the expertise and the experience to determine the best approach for your knee condition, including surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Among our non-surgical options are innovative treatments using stem cells or platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections to heal damaged tissues or delay surgery.

If surgery is inevitable, we offer innovative procedures, such as minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques, to help you make a rapid recovery and return to the activities you enjoy most. We are certified by The Joint Commission in total knee replacement and we are one of the first hospitals in Ohio to embrace the leading-edge technology of robotic-assisted partial and total knee replacements. This results in more precise alignment of the joint implant to enhance recovery and extend the life of the implant.