1. Select the statement type you’d like to pay, choosing from the two examples shown below.
  2. Click the “Pay Now” button to get to the submission form and login prompt.
  3. Choose the “Quick Payment – Pay Now” button at the top right of the screen.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions, using information found on your statement as necessary.
  5. Once payment is complete, don’t forget to set up your ePAY account!
  6. Set up your Crystal Clinic ePAY account now for future payments—and to have easy access to helpful account information any time you need it. Here’s all there is to it:

    To register for ePAY:

    • Write down your Enrollment Code  found at the bottom of your online receipt (generated during the Quick Pay process above). (Note: enrollment codes will only print out on receipts and cannot be found on statements)
    • Come back to this Bill Pay screen (if you get lost, you can always click the “Bill Pay” button found on any page of the Crystal Clinic website)
    • Click the “Pay Now” button (don’t worry, you won’t be making another payment).
    • On the next screen, at the login prompt, select the “New to ePAY? Register” button.
    • Enter your unique Enrollment Code, along with the other information as requested.
    • Once the enrollment is completed, you will be able to access your account information and easily pay bills as needed.