Spine Surgery

A spinal problem may affect your entire body. Often, people live unnecessarily with spinal disorders for decades. Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center surgeons can prevent a spinal disorder from worsening, or reverse or stabilize your condition. They treat the full spectrum of spinal conditions, including spinal tumors, trauma, infections and degenerative conditions. They are part of a full-service, tertiary care organization.

The Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center has four fellowship-trained spine surgeons with a combined experience of more than 60 years. Each surgeon performs hundreds of spine procedures each year. In addition to complex reconstructions and revisional spine surgeries for a multitude of spinal disorders, Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center surgeons also routinely perform microscopic procedures – and less invasive surgeries – which may lead to a more rapid recovery and less postoperative pain for the patient.

Recovery after Spine Surgery

Get back to an active lifestyle. Our surgical expertise can improve the condition of your back and help you return to your favorite activities like golf, hiking and leisurely afternoon’s reading on your patio.

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Spine Surgery Recovery

When people are looking to be more comfortable in what they are doing - whether it is hiking, swimming or simply driving a car - they can benefit from the expertise of the Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center's spine surgeons. They can help you return to your life's normal activities. Schedule an appointment with a spine specialist here.