Hand Surgery and Treatments For Hand Injuries

Hand surgeons at Crystal Clinic

Hand treatment is available at the Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center for common problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, wrist and finger fractures, tendon injuries and tennis elbow. Many ailments can be treated in a non-surgical fashion, often using splints, casts, cortisone injections and therapy.

Our Hand Surgeons and Therapists

The Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center has seven hand surgeons on staff, the largest number in any single hospital in Northeast Ohio.  And, our physicians not only have the depth and breadth of knowledge, but also the experience to treat complex upper extremity problems, including congenital deformities and other conditions in infants and children.

Hand therapists are an essential part of the Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center care team. In addition to credentialing by state occupational therapy boards, 10 medical professionals at the Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center are designated as certified hand therapists. This designation is based on experience and special training. All therapists participate in continuing education.

The diversity in fellowship training of Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center hand surgeons is impressive. Physicians have trained at prestigious fellowship programs throughout the country, and they have brought this expertise back to Northeast Ohio.

Meet our hand specialists.

Hand Therapy Locations

Patients can go right from the doctor's office to the therapist's office to begin treatment. This service keeps patients from having to set up a separate visit or delayed care. The ease of referral and streamlined care is unparalleled, and it is usually not found in a less specialized practice. For the convenience of our patients, hand therapy is available at the Montrose location, as well as at most outpatient clinics.

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