Board Certifications

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Surgery of the Spine


  • Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hosp.

Medical School

  • Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Patient Ratings

Dr. Taliwal is very good at what he does I would recommend him to anyone who has back problems.

Pain Free..... This is bar none, the very best experience in my lifetime as it relates to a medical procedure. Dr. Taliwal's extreme attention to detail, care, intelligence, professionalism and dedication to the patient is unmeasurable. The Crystal Clinic is, indeed, an organization that actually cares for the well being of its patients and it is evident throughout the entire organization. Well done and thank you, Dr. Taliwal, for helping me become pain free!

Dr. Taliwal took all the time we needed to ask any and all questions we wanted answered.

Dr. Taliwal, all his nurses, receptionists, and staff have ALWAYS been polite, helpful and friendly.  Always knocking on doors and using hand sanitizer after a cough or sneeze means a lot to me it shows how much they respect me and my health. Wonderful group of people!

Dr. Taliwal, his office staff, and nurses were all very pleasant to deal with and they stayed on schedule, which was great.


  • Adult Spine Surgery
  • Trauma, Tumor, Infection, Deformity, Degenerative Spine



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