Mollie Manley, M.D.

Fellowship-Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon
Board-Certified in Orthopaedics (2015) and Hand Surgery (2017)

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quote start Dr. Manley is a miracle worker. She saved my life.
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quote start Dr. Manley was so fantastic. I could not appreciate or recommend her care more.
- Zachary
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quote start Dr. Miller and his staff are always very kind and address my concerns immediately and professionally.
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Patient Ratings

I am very happy with Dr. Manley and her staff; they were all very nice and helpful. I had surgery 2 weeks ago on my elbow and my nerve pain is already gone. I could not be happier.

Dr. Manley addressed all my concerns and made me comfortable. She was also good at explaining everything so I could understand.- Danielle

I fell and broke my arm and Dr. Manley put plates and screws in my humerus in November. I am very pleased about how well I am already doing. She is a great surgeon and gave me all the information I needed and answered all of my questions. She did a lot of work on my arm and did a great job. I am moving my arm better than expected.

I have had multiple surgeries with Dr Manley. I am one happy camper. The injections have also helped so much in my shoulder. She always fits me right into her schedule when I need to get in.

She was very straight forward. I asked questions and she was very thorough in her responses and her expected outcome turned out to be exactly correct. The entire staff has a great system that works flawlessly which makes me very assured that I went to the right place to correct a previous surgery from another hospital. Couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Surgery went well! My numbness is going away, and I am getting so much better thanks to Dr. Manley.

I had joint replacements on both of my hands by Dr. Manley. I was able to get in promptly and schedule surgery. I am very happy with my progress and am getting stronger.

Dr. Manley gave me an injection in my finger where I had arthritis. It really helped me, and I appreciate everything she did for me; I am pleased with my outcome. She went over all options with me and took her time to answer all of my questions.

I had surgery on my elbow because I was having numbness in my hand. Since surgery, my numbness is better and my strength is improving. I am very happy and I am going back to work.

Dr. Manley is on it. She has been more than a pleasure to deal with and I would refer anyone to her.- Scott

Dr. Manley did surgery on my hand and I could just hug here. I am doing great and back to my normal activities and bowling again. I am very thankful for everything she has done for me. My scars look great as well.

She was very informative and helpful prior to surgery. She was also very direct and to the point. The surgery went well and the follow up was informative.- Mary 

It is hard to answer, but the experience was very easy and helpful by everyone.

Dr. Manley was very helpful in treating my hand.  Everyone working in her office is so nice and helpful.

This was my first visit to Dr. Manley.  I am very pleased.

It was the first time meeting Dr. Manley.  Compared to other orthopedic medical offices, this was an overall success!

Excellent visit. Dr. Manley was quite professional.

I believe Dr. Manley has done a great job with the surgery to repair my hand.

Dr. Manley and the staff were all wonderful. Great Experience.

Dr. Manley did a great job with the surgery of my hand. I thought for sure that at least one of my fingers would be amputated, but she saved it. I am very grateful for her expert service.

Dr. Manley was compassionate and informative about my left wrist situation. I'm grateful and appreciative for her service. Ashley did a great job putting on my cast! Thanks to you all!

I had no issues. Dr. Manley was the best!- Haleigh

What a great place and a fantastic doctor. She is magic Mollie. They are all so AWESOME AWESOME. I love them and am very pleased with my experience.

I had 2 knuckle replacements and I had a great outcome. She is a great doctor, and I would for sure recommend her to everyone. OT was wonderful as well.

I came to see Dr. Manley for an issue with my shoulder. She presented me with several treatment options. In the end, I opted for a surgical procedure. Dr. Manley was able to get me into the operating room and on the road to recovery quickly. Overall, Dr. Manley and her staff are highly professional, took the time to answer all of my questions, and provided high-level care. I would recommend Dr. Manley and the Crystal Clinic to my family and friends.- Heather

Dr. Manley is exceptional! I feel so very fortunate that she is caring for me. Her staff is wonderful.

The surgery that Dr. Manley performed really changed my life. It is easier to do day-to-day tasks and my career as a musician seems more easily attainable now that I don’t have to worry about the problems in my hand affecting my playing.- Jessica 

Dr. Manley did an excellent job explaining everything through the entire process. Surgery was quick and "painless" and the follow up appointments were great. Extractions were quick and left me feeling like Dr. Manley really cared about me and my procedures.- Mathew

My wrist had a bone that didn't heal, and it is now fixed and I'm back to working.

I'm doing better than ever! So happy I met Dr. Manley.

I'm much better now, after Dr. Manley fixed my wrist, than I ever was before surgery. I'm finally on the road to recovery.

I have seen Dr. Manley for many issues. She is just the best! I will never go to anyone else. She is caring and has fixed many of my problems.- Don

I could not be more impressed with Dr. Manley and the entire staff here. My surgery went very well and I am on the road to recovery!- Stacey

Crystal Clinic is awesome and Dr. Manley knew what I was going through with sports.

I am so happy with Dr. Manley. She is just great! I cannot thank her enough. She is always willing to get me in and help me.

Dr. Manley, aka Steady Hands, did a wonderful surgery on my hand. I am pain free and my whole experience was great. I am very pleased. She is a great doctor and the best in Medina, as well.

I was able to get into the office quickly and Dr. Manley was very thorough. She answered all of my questions.- Melinda

Dr. Manley did surgery on my hand and did a great job. I could not be happier with the outcome. I was able to get into my appointment and surgery quickly.- Linda

I'm so impressed with how my hand turned out. I can't thank them enough. My hand is back to normal, and I can use it again. I'm just so happy. Dr. Manley is the absolute best. I didn't think I'd ever be pain free again. I wish I could give her more than five stars!!- Rickey

Very easy to get a quick appointment. She knows what she's doing. Got my diagnosis and 2 surgeries all very quickly. Already feeling better. She's great!

I had surgery on my elbow and hand and I am feeling better in just 2 weeks.

I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Manley and Crystal Clinic. I broke my arm really bad and needed surgery. I was able to get in to her right away and into surgery. I am on the road to recovery so I can get back to work. I will use this place for all my orthopedic needs.

Dr. Manley saved my thumb. I almost cut my thumb off at work and she was able to save it so I am able to keep working.

I was having numbness and tingling in my hands. She did the proper testing and treatment needed to make me feel better and get back to work. She is very polite and answered all of my questions. I am doing great and appreciate everything she has done for me. The staff and clinics are great.

Dr. Manley and her staff at the office and surgery center are wonderful. I refer Crystal Clinic to everyone. I broke my wrist and she did surgery on it and I am doing great. She is always one step ahead and walked me through the whole process. I can not say enough about how great they are.

My entire hand was broken and she fixed all the fingers. She was so kind and got me right in. I'm back to work. I drive from far away and will never go to anyone else.

Dr. Manley is excellent! She really made me feel like I was her only patient. She is thorough, kind, and excellent. I would highly recommend her to anyone with hand or wrist issues.- Daniel

Dr. Manley did great surgery on my finger and I was back to work the next day

Dr. Manley was great at explaining my injury and resolving the problem. Would highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you!- Julie

She is a great doctor. I had some medical issues and needed to go to the hospital. She called me several times at home to check on me and it had nothing to do with surgery. She really cares.

Dr. Manley clearly loves her job. She has been so kind to me and I am very thankful for her. She is the best all around!!!!

I had nerve surgery on my hands and elbows, the surgery and outcome went very well. I am sleeping much better at night and I am pain free.

Dr. Manley was very thorough and answered all of my questions. Getting into an appointment was quick and easy. My surgery and recovery went very well. I will come back to her for all my hand to shoulder needs.

Dr. Manley is the best. I can not thank her enough for going the extra mile for me. She repaired my wrist. She explained in detail the surgery she did and showed me pictures. God bless her for everything she did for me, I appreciate her and her staff. I am pain free and it's great.

I think Dr. Manley has chosen the right profession! She is very intelligent and personable and explains clearly what one’s’ surgery entails! I absolutely love the fact that she has a good sense of humor and I am amazed and beyond appreciative of her skills! I highly recommend her to anyone who is needing a great orthopedic doctor ! I really can’t say enough positive things about her!!- Mary

I was having numbness and tingling in both of my hands and I had carpal tunnel surgery. I am very pleased with my treatment, she did a wonderful job and I am doing great.

All I can say is that Dr. Manley is amazing and magical. She repaired my hand and I am just so happy with her and the result. I recommend her to everyone I know. Absolutely AMAZING!

Dr. Manley did surgery on my hand for numbness and tingling . I was back to work in no time. She was right on target and the surgery was a breeze.

I have been waiting 18 years for Dr. Manleys "supercharge" procedure. The care received is second to none. Thank you Dr. Manley and team!!!- Jeffrey

Dr. Manley, her staff and Crystal clinic are wonderful. I can't believe how great she is. She has helped me so much! I have sent all my friends to her. She is just so nice and caring and has such great attitude.

I was having numbness and tingling in my hands at night and it was waking me up . Dr. Manley has done surgery and the night pain is finally gone. I have had a great experience.

Had an amazing experience with Dr.Manley, did not expect the outcome to be this great . My incisions were wonderful.- Nikkole

I had surgery on both of my locking fingers and everything went amazing, I was very pleased.

I am so appreciative of the care and expertise that Dr. Manley provided, from the first appointment after I broke my wrist, the surgery, and aftercare. With her surgical intervention she was able to fix the break and get me back to increasing normal use as I continue with OT and home exercises. I am very grateful that the Crystal Clinic has professionals who provide a continuum of care to heal people. Without your care, I don't know where I would be. Thank you Dr. Manley and thank your team members as well.- Bonnie

Dr. Manley was incredibly helpful in answering my questions both pre-surgery and after. She got me into neccessary surgery on my finger prompty, and everything after that point has gone smoothly. Cannot recommend this office and her as a doctor enough.- Michael

I cut my finger and lacerated a tendon while working. Dr. Manley fixed it and I was back to work in no time as a Carpenter. She did a great job.

She removed gout from my wrist and did carpal tunnel surgery. Everything went great and I am doing well. The whole process was simple.

Dr. Manley was so personable and explained everything very well to me. I really enjoyed our visits and sad not to see her anymore. The staff was excellent.

I appreciate everything she did for me when I broke my wrist. She had to put a plate in my wrist to put it back into place. Found her online and drove far to see her so I could have the best.

I have been seeing Dr. Manley for multiple different issues. She is the clear all-star! I won't go to anyone else.

I'm only a short way out of surgery and already better. AMAZING. What a great experience!

She clearly cares about people. She remembers that I go to Florida, and other things. She is my favorite doctor!

I've had a great experience with Dr. Manley so far! She is very thorough and knowledgeable and I had full confidence in her.

I had broke my hand and Dr. Manley treated me and went over everything in detail. I had no problem getting right into see her. I am very happy.

I am doing better than I ever expected. I'm back to work and activity and without pain! Dr. Manley is a straight shooter and is amazing. She really cares about me.

Dr. Manley and her staff were amazing through the entire experience! Polite, professional with an organized and friendly atmostphere. Thank you!- Jennifer

Dr. Manley has a great bed side manner and took great care of me fixing my hand. She is not your typical doctor. I was very pleased.

Thorough up front evaluation, complete answers to all questions, good surgical outcome. I felt as though I was given great care by a very competent health care professional. I would recommend her to my family and friends.

Dr. Manley and Julie Klucar, PA-C are a dynamic team who place the best interest of the patient in the center of their care. They are respectful, and I have felt fully heard at each and every encounter. I am now at the end of my hand surgery journey, and I am moving to full function which allows me to return to the profession I love. Thanks Dr. Manley for giving me my groove back.- Margaret

My experience has been excellent. I would certainly recommend Dr. Manley to anyone needing hand care.

Dr. Manley was very knowledgeable and able to educate me on my injury, the corrective surgery, recovery and ongoing healing. She was fantastic to have as a medical provider, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone!- Sara