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quote start Dr. Acus is the very best orthopedic specialist I have ever visited!
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quote start Dr. Acus replaced my knee, and I can dance and hike again.
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quote start I am grateful for Dr. Acus's skill and knowledge. My knee feels great!
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Patient Ratings

Dr. Acus performed a total knee replacement for me in February 2017.  At the age of 47, I could no longer be as active as I needed to be.  Through the years other surgeons explained that a joint replacement would be needed but to wait until age 60+!  Although having surgery was something I had hoped to avoid, no other doctor was providing options.  Dr. Acus gave me hope.  He never pushed the idea of surgery, instead other treatments such as injections were used.  When those were no longer helpful, the surgery was done.  That decision gave me my life back.  Dr. Acus cares about his patients before, during, and beyond surgery.  He has attention to detail and strives for the best possible outcome.  I'm not sure what my life would be like today if that surgery was put off for 12 more years.  It would have been miserable.  Dr. Acus will be the only surgeon for my future orthopedic needs.   - Gail 

I have gone to Dr. Acus for many years. He is always understanding and most helpful in guiding me through my physical problems.

Dr Acus is the very best orthopedic specialist I have ever visited. I have highly recommended him to many people. Thank you, Dr Acus!

Dr. Acus and his staff were very caring and thoughtful.

I am grateful for Dr. Acus's skill and knowledge. My knee feels great!

I had a very pleasant experience at my visit to see Dr. Acus. The staff was very friendly and courteous and my medical issue was resolved.

Everyone from the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor was very polite and informative. Dr. Acus was very attentive and was able to give me a clear plan of what needed to be done and the contingencies in place if necessary. An overall great experience.

Dr. Acus & his staff are wonderful. Blessed to have them on my care team. Thank you!

We are writing to express our gratitude and appreciation to you and the staff at Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center and St. Thomas Hospital.  Both my husband, Bill, and I previously had you repair a torn meniscus and our recovery was uneventful and speedy.  This year I had a problem involving a shoulder, so of course we again were in touch with you. After MRIs and other evaluations, you suggested several options, one being a reverse shoulder replacement due to the condition of the rotator cuff.  After thinking over our options for a few weeks and having been informed as to the procedure as well as recovery time, we decided for the surgery. I had every confidence in you and was determined to follow all of your protocols. The surgery went well and my overnight stay at St. Thomas Hospital was a good experience. The nursing staff was attentive and very helpful in taking care of all my needs. St. Thomas is a wonderful hospital and we found everyone very friendly and caring. I must include that knowing how “blah” hospital food can be, that most certainly was not the case here.  Everything I ordered was tasty and hot!  I am now 11 weeks out from surgery and have already started the final phase of PT. The exercises have become a little more intense, but I do them every day. I am so encouraged with the things I can do now that would have been “iffy” last year.

I am thankful to have chosen you as my surgeon. You are so likeable in that you have a great personality and a good sense of humor besides being a very skillful surgeon.  You took time with us and explained everything that was going to take place with the surgery. We felt fully informed.  We live in Marietta, Ohio, so most people have no idea that the Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center is so accessible.  We are trying to make more people aware that they do have another EXCELLENT choice. Thank you again for your fine care.

Dr. Acus replaced my knee and I can dance and hike again. He is a very caring personable doctor. I highly recommend him for any orthopedic problems.

Dr. Acus & his staff are wonderful. Blessed to have them on my care team. Thank you!

I was in a near-fatal auto accident with many injuries. Dr. Acus got the job of rehabilitating the compound fracture of my ankle. Considerable foreign material had to be cleaned out first. Dr. Acus was very diligent in cleaning it up as shown by the fact that I never got infected. I received a copy of my health records from the hospital and was impressed by the difficulty presented by the injuries to the ankle. The doctor seems to have done an excellent job since my ankle is fully functional today (1.5 years later). I would choose Dr. Acus again.

Dr. Acus replaced my knee and I can dance and hike again. He is a very caring personable doctor. I highly recommend him for any orthopedic problems.

VERY. GOOD SURGEON, Quite intelligent, Nice friendly doctor, helped me out tremendously, would recommend him to people

Our son is a high school wrestler and football player. On several occasions we needed Dr. Acus at the Crystal Clinic for a shoulder injury and other sports related injuries'. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding sports medicine and sports injuries with-in athletes. He is thorough, up to date, and complete from beginning to end. Because of Dr. Acus and his excellent care our son was able to get back on the mat/field and earn All Ohio honors.