Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our new hospital facility project.  We welcome you to submit your questions about our new project.  As we receive new questions, we will update our list of FAQs.

Why are you building a new surgical specialty hospital facility?
We have been planning for almost a decade to build a surgical specialty hospital facility in Summit County and are pleased to be moving forward with our plans. This will be a patient-centered, state-of-the-art surgical specialty hospital, designed in partnership with patients, physicians, clinicians and hospital staff, with a focus on patient needs. We are truly excited to bring this destination hospital for orthopaedic, plastic and reconstructive care to our community.

Where exactly will the new surgical specialty hospital be located?
We are planning to build the three-story surgical specialty hospital facility approximately 160,000 square-foot facility on a 12-acre site on the north side of Embassy Parkway, just west of Cleveland-Massillon Road. Our preliminary site plan has been presented to the City of Fairlawn.

Why did you choose a site on Embassy Parkway in Fairlawn?

We chose this site because it is close to our existing outpatient facilities and will be easily accessible to patients from the communities we serve. We have not finalized our plans yet but are working closely with the city to minimize the impact this project will have on surrounding residents and businesses. 

How large will the facility be? 

The new three-story surgical specialty hospital facility will be approximately 160,000 square foot facility with 60 inpatient beds, 12 operating rooms, urgent orthopaedic care services, imaging, and other support services.

Will you provide 24/7 emergency care? 
No. This will not be a full-service acute-care hospital, and we will not operate a 24/7 emergency department. Trauma patients will continue to be taken to Akron General and Akron City Hospital. Our patients will primarily come to the hospital for elective, non-emergency procedures. Our orthopaedic urgent care service, which will relocate from our current outpatient facility on Embassy Parkway to the new surgical specialty hospital facility, has evening and weekend hours, but that will not add to traffic in the area, since these patients already come to our nearby facility. 

How long will it take to build the new hospital facility?

Once our plans are approved by the city, it will take approximately 20-24 months to build the new hospital facility. We anticipate moving in and opening in mid-2020.

Where will traffic enter the new hospital facility? 

All hospital traffic would continue to enter the hospital from Embassy Parkway. 

What impact will hospital traffic have on nearby residential subdivisions?

Hospital traffic would not directly impact nearby subdivisions – patients would access the hospital on Embassy Parkway from Cleveland-Massillon Road or Crystal Lake Road, just as they currently do to reach our outpatient facilities on Embassy Parkway.  

What about additional noise?

We do not anticipate much noise impact on neighbors and are working closely with the city to address any concerns. It’s important to note that this is not a full-service hospital, and we will not have a dedicated emergency department, so there will not be emergency department ambulance traffic coming to the hospital. Trauma patients will continue to be taken to Akron General and Akron City Hospital. 

Will you build a parking garage?
No. We will provide surface parking on the site.

What impact will this have on property values of homes in the area?
None of us can predict what will happen to housing prices, but business development has taken place on Embassy Parkway since 1986 without decreasing the property values of adjoining homes. Neighborhoods in proximity to other new health facilities have not seen a decrease in their property values. We are working closely with the city to minimize the impact this project will have on surrounding homes and businesses.

How will you manage stormwater run-off from the hospital and parking lots?

The site plan calls for a retention basin to capture stormwater runoff from the building and parking lots. We are still working on additional strategies to manage stormwater and will keep the community informed as those plans are finalized.

How will you address concerns about the impact of lighting on neighboring properties?
We are working with the city on a photopic (daylight/bright light) assessment and will minimize any lighting impact on the neighborhood. 

Why was information in the submission to the city different from what was in letters to the neighbors?

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We are in the very early stages on this project, and details are still changing. We are grateful to the neighbors who have provided feedback and will continue to update the community as we finalize our plans.