Patient Billing Information

Thank you for choosing Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center as your orthopaedic healthcare provider. We are truly privileged and honored to serve you. Please refer to the following for any patient billing questions you may have.

Billing Statements

Depending on the nature of your care at Crystal Clinic, you may receive multiple billing statements, including separate invoices from physician, facility, anesthesia, and laboratory/imaging.

Typically, you will receive one bill for the physician’s professional services (Crystal Clinic Inc.) and another invoice for facility charges (Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center) including fees for room charges, supplies, technical services, and similar facility-based charges.

Additional Information about our pricing is available for your reference.

Pay Online

Crystal Clinic now makes bill paying simpler with convenient and secure, 24/7 Online Bill Pay service at no cost to you.

Affordable Payment Options Available

Crystal Clinic has partnered with BridgeMed to offer affordable payment options, so you can pay your bill over time without incurring any interest or fees. Enrollment is fast, easy, and automated, with customized payment plans that fit your preferences and budget.

If you have an outstanding balance greater than $250 and would like to enroll, sign up here (monthly payments powered by PayZen).

Help is just a phone call away!

Crystal Clinic is here to help address all patient billing questions objectively and professionally. We are here to help you and your caregivers better understand any and all charges related to patient care.

Have questions? Simply call the appropriate number below to talk with a customer service representative. Financial counselors are on staff to help.

Facility (Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center) or Physician Billing (Crystal Clinic, Inc.) can be reached at (800) 818-0886.

The Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center is committed to being ethically responsible to the patient for the billing process and resolution of conflicts associated with patient billing. We will provide assistance to patients seeking to understand the charges related to their care. The Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center will resolve all patient billing questions objectively and professionally.

Our Billing Services Administrator

To provide you with best-in-class billing services, we partner with Odyssey Health Systems to administer our invoicing. For additional information about this service, please contact:

Odyssey Health Systems

3340 West Market Street

Suite 200

Akron, OH 44333

Phone: (800) 818-0886

Do not mail payments directly to Crystal Clinic or Odyssey Health Systems. Please use the remittance address on your statement.