About Crystal Clinic QuickCare

Established in 2003, Crystal Clinic QuickCare gives people with minor bone, muscle and joint injuries immediate access to orthopedic care.  The center is staffed by Dr. Robert Kleinman. He is an orthopedic specialist with nearly three decades of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions and injuries.   Additional orthopedically trained providers are there to assist Dr. Kleinman with your care: 

• Physician assistants

• Physical and occupational therapists

• Radiology technicians

• Nurses

Find a Location

Crystal Clinic QuickCare is just minutes away in Akron. Contact our Green location at (330) 776-4444 or Montrose location at (330) 670-4242.

Learn What Orthopedic Conditions Are Treated at Crystal Clinic QuickCare