Hip and Knee Replacement

Hip and knee replacement at Crystal Clinic

Quality of life is the bottom line in deciding whether to have a joint replacement. If your quality of life is deteriorating – if you’re giving up things you enjoy – then it may be time for a hip replacement or knee replacement. 

Our Joint Replacement Specialists

Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center hip and knee specialists can help you regain the freedom to participate in the activities you most enjoy. Our experts have the experience and expertise to treat your hip or knee condition. They perform thousands of joint procedures each year and use a variety of surgical techniques and technologies to repair your hip or knee. 

Consulting with one of our specialists as soon as possible will allow our specialists to offer more treatment options, and give you the ability to make a faster recovery. While our surgeons can usually fix a knee or hip at any point, it is crucial to have surgery before the knee stiffens or hip weakens. Waiting until the point of deterioration or limited moment will likely hinder your recovery after surgery. Surgeons will discuss all options with you, both surgical and nonsurgical.

With new technology being introduced, joint implants last longer today because they are modular. That means our specialists can replace the plastic pad for hips and knees after 20 years or more with a relatively simple operation.

Hip and Knee Replacement Education

Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center offers patients a Total Joint Education Class to prepare them for their hospital stay and give them a level of comfort. The class is usually given by a Patient Care Coordinator. Since the coordinators act as the liaison between the surgeon, nursing staff and social workers, they are usually on the hospital floor, giving patients a familiar face to see after surgery.

Physical Therapy for Recovery

Physical therapy is a critical part of your recovery. It is done the day of surgery, during the course of your hospital stay and at home for three weeks. Our goal is for patients to be able to walk with a cane and drive a car in three weeks. Most patients achieve this goal. Some patients may also need additional outpatient physical therapy.

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