Innovative Treatment Options

Crystal Clinic is proud to be on the cutting-edge of the latest surgical and nonsurgical approaches. Whether our orthopedic surgeons have developed a new procedure themselves or embraced the newest advancements in technology and treatments, you can always expect to receive state-of-the-art care for your condition.


The FlashFixTM technique, which relies on biologics to improve the outcome, is a new, cutting-edge ACL repair and reconstructive technique showing great success.  Our research and results from our patients have proven that biologics significantly improve the healing process.

During surgery, some of the patient’s own blood is used along with a collagen wrap to improve the healing and strength of the ACL postoperatively. The result is a significantly quicker and less painful recovery, which allows the patient to return to an active lifestyle sooner.


Crystal Clinic orthopaedic surgeon Paul R. Fleissner, Jr., M.D. became the first surgeon in the country to utilize the innovative Reveille™ Cartilage Processor instrument, produced by Exactech.  This revolutionary system is used to restore cartilage after injury.

This innovative surgical technique moves healthy cartilage from an area of the knee where it is not needed to the area of cartilage damage. With Reveille™, this can be done in one surgical procedure. Traditionally, cartilage is harvested during a first surgical procedure and then later implanted during a second surgery a few months later. Now the cartilage can be prepared for transplantation in the operating room and transplanted during a single surgery. 

This procedure can be used for patients who have experienced a 4cm2 or smaller size lesion, which is a small injury or area of cartilage loss. Patients undergoing this procedure are on crutches for six weeks to allow the cartilage graft to heal.  They can move the operated leg but must not put weight on it.