What You Can Expect

As part of your post-operative or conservative care, you may receive an order to receive hand therapy. For your convenience, your hand therapy appointment may be scheduled immediately after the appointment with your physician.  At this appointment, you may be provided with an evaluation and receive education regarding management of your surgery or condition. This education may include home exercises, as well as information about what you should and should not do after surgery or during the management of your condition. 

As part of your therapy program, you might receive an orthosis (splint). The splint may be custom-molded to you or could be pre-fabricated. Splinting is an important part of your rehabilitation and provides the proper support for your condition. If you receive a splint before surgery, make sure you bring the splint with you to your first doctor’s appointment after surgery. The therapist may be able to modify your splint to accommodate your post-surgical needs.