Amar B. Mutnal, M.D.

Amar B. Mutnal, M.D.

Fellowship-Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon

Board-Certified Since 2019

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Sports Medicine

Areas of Interest

Anterior Hip Replacement
Arthroscopic Surgery
Sports Medicine
Total Joint Replacement of the Hip, Knee and Shoulder


CCOC Hospital

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Patient Ratings

I went to Dr. Mutnal pretty much knowing I needed at least one hip replacement. Turns out both were in real bad shape. Within a couple weeks of meeting him, one hip was done and 3 months later, the other. Best move I ever made. He has been great throughout the whole process, checks in frequently to make sure everything is going well and it has been.– Justin

I highly recommend Dr. Mutnal. He helped my father with his torn meniscus and my dad has been feeling a lot better after the surgery! He and his staff were also very kind to him as well! He did a really good job!!– Tsar

Dr. Mutnal did my knee replacement surgery. By far the best surgeon!! He is a perfectionist, from the day of surgery to the end of physical therapy Dr. Mutnal encourages you to be an “A” doesn’t want you to settle for less. I highly recommend Dr. Mutnal.– Christina

I had hip surgery 5 years ago. Best decision of my life. I’m so glad I found him because no other doctor would help because of my age. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Mutnal.– Shannon

Dr. Amar Mutnal is amazing at what he does. I had a hip replacement and was back to work in 3 weeks. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.– Danielle

You know you have an awesome surgeon when the x-ray tech sees your x-ray and yells “beautiful!” Then tells you that’s because of the surgeon and that not everyone’s x-rays look that good. My recovery was much easier than what I expected. I am so happy with my results. I am 7 weeks post op and will be getting my other total knee replacement in June.– Cathy

Highly recommend!!! I have had both hips replaced by Dr. Mutnal. Right in 2019 and left 2021. Both were done with an anterior approach. I healed so quickly and fully with each of the surgeries! In 2021 he did a relatively new style of incision, cutting horizontally at the bikini line. You can’t even see the scar line! Dr. Mutnal is not only a phenomenal surgeon but a very caring man. He called me personally the day after each surgery to check on me!– Laura

Dr. Mutnal went above and beyond with his care and follow up. I would certainly recommend him.– Eric

I have had two knee scope surgeries with Dr. Mutnal. He is extremely thorough in his initial assessments all the way through recovery. Both surgeries I reached the desired results and would highly recommend Dr. Mutual to future patients.– Erin

Dr. Mutnal is the only reason I can walk and do my job. I fell off a ladder onto concrete and destroyed my leg – torn acl, double meniscus tear. I am also clinically obese so I was concerned if they could do surgery at all. Dr. Mutnal was not only willing to do the surgery but did such a good job and recommended such quality after care that I now walk around 20k steps a day at work and can lift heavy objects at work again. There is very little pain in my day to life. To say I am grateful is an understatement. Dr. Mutnal brought quality to my life when honestly it wasn’t a sure thing if I was going to be able to walk without a cane or extreme instability the rest of my life. The success given the complexity of the surgery was incredible. If you are considering Dr. Mutnal for your operation, I cannot recommend him highly enough.– Elaine

I had a total hip replacement by Dr. Mutnal 3 months ago. During my first visit with him, he explained he will perform the anterior procedure, no muscles will be cut and I’ll be digitally measured in x-ray for my new hip. He explained the precise measurement of my new hip will be a perfect fit for me, no guess work. Six days after surgery, I started outpatient physical therapy. I completed 8 weeks of physical therapy and feel great. All of my pain is gone. My family and I are very pleased at my complete recovery after surgery. He was excellent preparing me for surgery and what to expect thereafter because he communicated all procedures thoroughly. I highly recommend Dr Mutnal for joint replacement surgery. Thank you Dr. Mutnal!– Lynn

Just left my 3 month post op with Dr. Mutnal and I feel great ! I am totally recovered and better than ever!! Dr. Mutnal used the anterior approach, meaning no muscles were cut and the incision is in the front. He is a careful and caring doctor. Everything is explained to you in detail, so you have a complete understanding of what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Mutnal for all your orthopedic needs, but especially joint replacement. He uses all the latest technology, customizing everything to your unique measurements. I will be forever grateful for all the great care from Dr. mutnal, and his excellent staff.– Jackie

Dr. Mutnal did a great job explaining everything before the procedure and gave me several options. He is a caring doctor that takes his time and makes sure that you know exactly what will be entailed. Highly recommend!– Jeana