Being known regionally for exceptional orthopaedic care is impressive. Being recognized nationally truly sets us apart.

Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center is nationally renowned for orthopaedic care. Not only are we known across America for world-class specialized orthopaedic care, advanced techniques, and our state-of-the-art surgical facilities, but also for exceling in safety measurements and patient outcomes. 

We are proud to be the only hospital in Ohio—and one of just 13 of the 6,146 hospitals in the nation—to meet the stringent requirements of the acclaimed Joint Commission disease-specific certifications in total hip, total knee, total shoulder and spinal fusion procedures.

In ratings of America’s Top Quality Hospitals by CareChex/Quantros Analytics, using the medical-specific National Quality Rating Database, we’re among the Top 10% in the U.S. for Major Orthopaedic Surgery, Overall Surgical Care, and Overall Hospital Care. 

And, since Crystal Clinic is a physician-owned hospital system, you can trust that your clinical needs and overall experience are always top priorities.

With convenient locations throughout Northeast Ohio, our specialty hospital system is advancing orthopaedic medicine to reduce surgical complexity, accelerate recovery and, most important, get people safely back in motion. Our patients can count on getting truly world-class care—and world-class caring.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our highly-qualified Crystal Clinic orthopaedic physicians now and take the first step away from pain and back to living.