You may have seen news that Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center is building a new patient-centered, state-of-the-art specialty hospital facility on Embassy Parkway in Fairlawn, near Crystal Clinic’s current outpatient facilities. We want to share more information about this project.

Our frequently asked questions may help answer your questions.

We are in the early stages of planning a three-story surgical specialty hospital facility that will offer state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality care to our patients.
The approximately 160,000 square-foot facility is planned to be built on a 12-acre site on the north side of Embassy Parkway, just west of Cleveland-Massillon Road. Our preliminary site plan has been presented to the City of Fairlawn.

As a surgical specialty hospital, our focus is on orthopaedics and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

When most people think of hospitals they picture much larger, full-service acute-care hospitals, like Akron General or Akron City. This hospital will be different. Our patients will come here for elective, non-emergency procedures.

  • There will be no 24/7 emergency department.
  • Emergency department ambulance traffic will not occur. Helicopters will not pick up or deliver patients.
Since 1989, Crystal Clinic has operated an outpatient surgery center on Embassy Parkway. Our goal is to build a new surgical specialty hospital facility that is also neighborhood-friendly.
  • All hospital traffic would continue to enter the hospital from Embassy Parkway.
  • Hospital traffic would not directly impact nearby subdivisions – patients would access the hospital on Embassy Parkway from Cleveland-Massillon Road or Crystal Lake Road just as they currently do to reach our outpatient facilities on Embassy Parkway.
  • Our site plan calls for surface parking only, no parking deck.
  • Landscaping will buffer our property on all sides and provide privacy for adjoining residential properties.
As a locally owned, for-profit taxable entity with a $100 million investment in Fairlawn, the new surgical specialty hospital facility is a tremendous asset to Fairlawn and Northeast Ohio.
The new surgical specialty hospital facility will bring 495 high-paying jobs to Fairlawn, including a minimum of 30 new positions, plus contracted independent services such as anesthesiologists and hospitalists. As a good community partner, we will generate significant tax revenue for the City of Fairlawn and Revere Local Schools.