Surgery Center in Montrose: The Day of Your Surgery

When to Arrive
The nurse will instruct you regarding the time you should arrive at the Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center.

What to Wear
Wear simple, comfortable clothing. You will change into a hospital gown after you are admitted. Do not wear jewelry, including rings, body piercings and watches. Do not wear wigs, pins or clips in your hair. If you wear dentures, leave them in. Do not wear contact lenses. You may bring your glasses. Wear little or no make-up, and do not wear eye make-up, false eyelashes or fingernail polish.

Answering Questions
The anesthetist and surgical staff will be there when you arrive in surgery, and your doctor will be available to talk with you if you have further questions.

Family Lounge
Your family members or friends can relax in our waiting area during your surgery. For their convenience, vending machines and pay phones are available in the building. Bring a sweater or light jacket for comfort.

Personal Belongings and Valuables
Whenever possible, valuables should be left at home or given to a family member or friend. Before your discharge, please collect all of your belongings. The Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center does not accept responsibility for lost or misplaced items.